The main person behind Sipi Falls explorers

My name is Achami Kevin, born and raised in the famous and beautiful Sipi Falls, Kapchorwa district, in Chepkuc Village near the second waterfall. Achami means “love”, while Kapchorwa means “Home of friends”

I am working with a team of passionate, informed, and experienced tour guides who are living in the beautiful lands of Kapchorwa on the slopes of Mount Elgon.

Through many years of experience in tour guiding we make sure that every guest who visits Sipi Falls and beyond has the best rememberable tours organized by us.


We offer adventurous activities at Sipi Falls and beyond like abseiling/rappelling, rock climbing, mount Elgon hiking, mount Elgon nature walks and Sii Falls hiking, and many other activities with our known specific passionate tour guides.

Our Team will give you an exclusive tour within Sipi Falls and around Eastern Uganda. We as guides are engaged with the community and we will make you interact with the local people while teaching you about our culture, playing with the children who are always on the trails to the waterfalls, as they take you through the coffee plantations and banana plantations while watching the magnificent beautiful Sipi Falls.

You will have a chance, if you wish, to swim in the Sipi River in one of the natural pools, the river passes. The water is fresh and cold and very refreshing when you feel tired during your hike.  Our tour guides know Sipi better than anyone and they will give you a memorable experience of a lifetime.

My team is highly motivated in making each and every moment enjoyable, fun, and memorable for our guests.

I, Achami Kevin, am the head tour guide of my team, who will make you enjoy and have fun, giving you adequate information about Sipi and the entire Kapchorwa region.

Kevin Achami

My team partners

Kaburu Joel, Chesiye Sailas, and Chepsikor Denis are my passionate partners for coffee tours in Sipi. They will take you through the process of making coffee from the seed to the cup and give you adequate information about coffee.

Job, Siya, and Backson are our instructors for abseiling at the Sipi Falls. This team is always ready to give a remarkable and memorable experience. Robert and Joseph, are our instructors for Rock Climbing. Alvin, Iyan, Titus, Job, Ronald, and Mike are our guides for big groups hiking Sipi Falls.

abseiling tour guide partner
Denis coffee tour guide
tour guide partner
Joel coffee farmer in Sipi
coffee tour guide partner
sipi falls tour guide partner
tour guides partner
crew abseiling Sipi Falls
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