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Our TOP 10 Sipi Falls accommodation facilities,
such as lodges, hotels, resorts, homestays, and guest houses within Sipi which vary from budget to luxury.

Sipi Heritage Lodge

Sipi Heritage Lodge

Sipi heritage Lodge is located along the Mbale-Kapchorwa road and has several rooms and cottages, a bar and a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Sipi river and the second waterfall..

It also has a beautiful landscape view of the cascading waterfalls with a variety of flora and fauna. Sipi heritage lodge is located very close to the sipi river and therefore the lodge was previously called Sipi river lodge.

This sipi falls accommodation has a comfortable reading lounge with a wide veranda which gives a cool breeze from the water falls as you relax with a cup of coffee, beer or wine.

The rates vary from 64,- USD to 175,- USD depending on room,. service and occupancy.

Some historical background

Sipi heritage Lodge is the second oldest Sipi Falls accommodation.

Rafiki Lodge Sipi

Rafiki Lodge Sipi - Sipi Falls accommodation

Rafiki Lodge Sipi is one of the lodges at the higher mid-range. The view at the lodge is outstanding overlooking the valley and the plains of Karamoja at one side and the waterfalls at the other side.

From some points, it is possible to see all 3 Sipi waterfalls. The lodge is located in a quiet environment with no noise around and offers several different types of rooms.

This Sipi Falls accommodation has a bar and restaurant with wifi and a comfortable lounge area.

Rates vary from 25 USD – 300 USD depending on room type, service, and occupation.

Mise Cave Lodge

Mise cave lodge Sipi

Mise Cave Lodge is a beautiful mid-range Sipi Falls accommodation which provides a comfortable stay around Sipi with 9 rooms.

It is easily accessible and located along the Mbale-Kapchorwa Road.

While staying at the lodge you can explore the small waterfall and the mise cave, which are part of the lodge facilities.

Mise Cave is one of the historical caves with some interesting history.

The Lodge has a Bar and Restaurant with free Wifi.

The rates vary from 69,- USD to 139,- USD depending on services and occupancy.

Sipi Valley resort

Sipi Valley Resort

Sipi Valley Resort is another beautiful mid-range lodge near the Sipi Falls with uniquely built rooms. The lodge is located a little bit aside from the main road with spectacular views of the waterfalls and the Valley, as well as the Plains in the lower belt. It has also a nice sunset view right from the resort.

Sipi Valley Resort has a bar and restaurant and it offers plenty of space for camping. It also has a space for vehicles with top roof camping. The compound is beautiful and very spacious.

Sipi Valley Resort is the largest Sipi Falls accommodation in the area and offers single occupancy rooms, double occupancy rooms and triple occupancy rooms with bed and breakfast, half board and full board services.

The rates vary from 62,- USD to 120,- USD depending on service and occupancy.

Sipi Falls Lodge

Sipi Falls Lodge - the oldest Sipi Falls accommodation

Sipi Falls Lodge is one of the Sipi Falls accommodations with the best view of the waterfall and offers comfortable cottages made of grass with a number of rooms.

The place is well arranged for relaxation while viewing the waterfalls. Sometimes it is possible to spot Monkeys.

Sipi Falls Lodge has a restaurant, bar, and wifi.

The rates vary from UGX 222000,- to UGX 740000,- depending on room, service and occupancy.

Historical background

Sipi Falls Lodge is the oldest Sipi Falls accommodation. It changed the name several times, and meanwhile, it is called Casa Sipi Falls Lodge.

Sipi Falls Lodge was the place where Governor Andrew Cohen stayed. It has a beautiful building called the Governor’s Suite which was built in the 1950’s. While in that room you will have a spectacular beautiful view of the main waterfalls


Lacam Lodge

Lacam Lodge Sipi

Lacam Lodge is a cool relaxed lodge in Sipi with a wonderful view of the Sipi Falls. It’s a place with lots of nature and home to Monkeys as well. The lodge is made of wooden materials and grass thatched roofs.

It is a very unique lodge in the sense that it has a variety of wooden bandas made of timber. Lacam Lodge has a partnership with Endiro coffee which provides the best drinks and meals.

Prices vary from 35 USD – 120 USD depending on room type and service.


Sipi Guest House

sipi guest house

Sipi guest house is one of the most unique Sipi Falls accommodation facilities which is price friendly and budgeted with a number of basic rooms and local grass thatched round houses.

Most of their products are traditionally made such as the beddings.

The guest house is located along the Mbale-Kapchorwa road. It has a bar and restaurant with a beautiful scenery of the plains and the waterfalls.

While relaxing at the guest house you can have a chance to the sunset as it sets below the horizon.

Rates vary from UGX 80000,- to UGX 282000,- depending on the room, service and occupancy

Home of Friends guest house

Home of Friends Kapchorwa

This is among the midrange Sipi Falls accommodation facilities located in the Kapchorwa district.

Home of friends guest house is located about 2 kilometers outside Kapchorwa town which is 14 kilometers from Sipi Falls.
This accommodation facility has budgeted rooms which are self-contained single occupancies, double occupancies, and family rooms. They also have a bar and restaurant with a campfire place.
Home of Friends Guesthouse also organizes the best Ugandan cultures by the Sabinys who are the natives of the Kapchorwa district. While at Home of Friends, you will have a great chance to interact with the hospitable Sabiny “The athletic champions”, Joshua Cheptegei, Jacob Kiplimo, Peruz Chemutai, and many others from their team Run Kapchorwa.
They will give you a great opportunity to discover and explore the beautiful Mount Elgon, Kween District, Bukwo District, and the entire Kapchorwa area while exploring the beauty of our waterfalls the famous Sipi Falls, Benet Falls, Chebonet Falls, and many different caves inside and outside Mount Elgon.
Not forgetting, they also have tasty food, drinks, a spacious garden, and clean nice rooms.

Rates vary from $55,- to $85,-

Fredson’s Homestay

Fredsons homestay

It’s one of the off-beaten accommodations around Sipi that is purely a local home family headed by Fred. It is situated in Namisuri at …. And it is a nice place to stay.

Fredsons homestay is one of the most elegant homestays in Eastern Uganda in a spectacular setting with great open-fronted rooms making it ideal for families.

The beautifully appointed homestay incorporates the hillside’s natural features.

Prices start from UGX 135000,-



Crows Nest Sipi

crows nest sipi falls

Crows Nest Sipi is one of the Sipi Falls accommodations at the Falls with a beautiful and stunning views of the waterfalls and it is friendly and budgetable. Its  a few meters from the main road

The lodge has both a bar and a restaurant with a number of rooms and cottages and a good and wide space for camping with a beautiful view of the plains and the valley.

Prices vary from

20000 UGX to 120000 UGX depending on accommodation.

If you would like to stay at one of these Sipi Falls accommodations, please feel free to contact us. We will make sure you will have a wonderful stay.

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