Join us on our Sipi Falls Coffee tour experience

While you are visiting Sipi Falls, come with us for a Sipi Coffee Tour Experience which gives you a great opportunity to trace the study of coffee from the seed to the cup.

A trained coffee farmer will show you all stages of coffee processing. The coffee grown on Mount Elgon is one of the best Arabica coffee in the world. It’s the strongest coffee with its exceptional aroma. This coffee is grown at high altitudes and is sweeter than Robusta coffee, which is grown in the lowlands.

Arabica coffee is organically grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon at an elevation of 2500 meters above sea level.

Our coffee tour experts are

Joel Kaburu, Dennis Chepsikor, and Silas Chesyey

These guides are well-experienced and ready to offer the best coffee tour experience.


Our rates for the Sipi Coffee Tour Experience

East African Residents: UGX 30.000
Foreign residents: $10
Nonresidents: $15,-

coffee tour experience
coffee tour experience preparing the soil
grinding the roasted coffee
enjoying the fresh brewed Sipi Falls coffee

History of arabica coffee

Historically arabica coffee is believed to have originated from Ethiopia in the years about 1000 AD. A boy called Kaldi from Ethiopia was taking the goats to graze and the goats ate the coffee cherries in the bush. When he brought back the goats the goats were not able to sleep at night due to the caffeine the coffee has. This worried Kaldi and he went to find out what the goats could have eaten and found out it was the coffee red cherries. So he picked some and took them to the monks and nuns.

Kaldi being a small boy was given a deaf ear and less attention by the monks and nuns. They threw away the cherries. Accidentally the cherries fell into the campfire and got burnt giving a nice aroma.

At that time they started innovating on how to use, eat or process the coffee cherries. This took many years before the ideas were developed to brew the coffee.

At that time there were no machines and it was not used until the Arabs entered the East African coast. The Arabs were traders, so they took some coffee seeds with them back to their homeland and started investigating how to use the coffee beans since the Ethiopians failed.

The Arabs then roasted the coffee beans, ground them, and mingled them, but the result was not well. After that, they tried to put the ground coffee powder into hot water and took it as tea, which gave a nice aroma. There they named it Arabica coffee.

It reached also the Ethiopians and soon after it began to spread around the world. Accordingly, to many people, this coffee could have been named Ethiopian coffee if the Arabs had not come to the East African coast. This coffee is mainly grown in mountainous areas, especially the highlands also in Ethiopia. With time it reached Uganda and with that, Mount Elgon and the Kisoro highlands. Arabica coffee is grown best in the higher levels at an elevation of around 2500 meters above sea level.

There is much more to learn about Coffee and our guides will tell you everything you would like to know during your Sipi Coffee Tour Experience.

coffee at different stages

The Sipi Coffee Tour Experience can easily be combined with other activities

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