Abseiling Sipi Falls and Rock Climbing

abseiling experience at the sipi falls


is an adventure activity done at Sipi Falls specifically at 100 meters falls, the Kaptogolo Waterfall. It involves abseiling the falls with the rope from the top of the waterfalls to the bottom. It is a 100-meter drop. Before the abseiling, you will be briefed at the top of the waterfall. With close supervision, the abseil team will make your experience special. As you abseil downwards you will have the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures with the waterfall aside or in the background.

To enjoy this experience to the fullest it is necessary to listen to the instructions given to you by the abseil team.

Abseiling companies at Sipi Falls have a number of experienced, informed, and skilled tour guides who will be with you until the end of the activity.


Our rates for abseiling Sipi Falls

East African Residents: 130.000 UGX
Foreign residents: 150.000 UGX
Nonresidents: $50,-

Abseiling Sipi Falls

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fascinating adventure activity done at the sipi falls which is done at 35 meters cliff (the Sipi Cliff). While in for rock climbing, climbing gears are provided at the starting point.

The routes are from easy to difficult which are 14 in total. The entire activity takes about 3-4 hours.

Sipi rock climbing is well serviced by the Ugandan climbing association which makes sure every instructor doing the activity is well trained and experienced.

The rock climbing activity is fun and also good for body fitness.


Our rates for Rock Climbing

East African Residents: 120.000 UGX
Foreign residents: 130.000 UGX
Nonresidents: $40,-

rock climbing near the Sipi falls

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