Hike with us to the Chebonet Waterfalls

Chebonet Falls is another romantic waterfall in the foothills of Mount Elgon in Uganda with beautiful views of the plains. The waterfall is 85 meters tall having almost the same view as the first Sipi waterfall.

Hiking to the Chebonet Waterfall takes 3-4 hours passing through the community land, interacting with the friendly and welcoming Sabinys. You will have the opportunity to take pictures of the daily life of the kids as well as the women carrying firewood and other materials on their heads, climbing the steep mountainous paths.


Our rates

East African Residents: UGX 30.000
Foreigners: $15,-

hiking chebonet waterfalls

Chebonet waterfalls are remarkable with an amazing view, especially from the top of the waterfalls. Being on top of these waterfalls, will give you a great view of the waterfalls and the entire valley, as well viewing the beautiful scenery of the bottom villages and the entire Karamoja plains.

One can also continue for a hike to the bottom of the waterfalls which are immersed with beautiful lush vegetation during this Chebonet Falls hike together with the cool breeze of the waterfalls.

At the bottom of the waterfalls, one can have a chance to stand below the falls while having an amazing natural shower since the locals have termed all water from Mountain Elgon as a blessing.

The most amazing and clear view of Chebonet waterfalls is through Sipi Valley Resort, which has amazing views of some small waterfalls, caves, and friendly local inhabitants who are ever excited and happy to see tourists along their sites and farms of coffee plantations and banana plantations.

This trail is best known as a picturesque spot for all travelers /tourists to these beautiful waterfalls. Of the Sipi Falls accommodation, SIPI VALLEY RESORT, which is along the Sipi cliff is the most recommended lodge with several nice rooms and offers good meals and free wifi. It acts as a good relaxing place for tourists after a long 3 -4 hours Chebonet Falls hike, and a beautiful lodge which offers you an amazing stay and breathtaking views and landscape coupled with exhilarating sunset and all these, it makes it an amazing of all.
Sipi Valley Resort is located in the Eastern part of Uganda at the foothills of Mount Elgon.

Come with us for an amazing experience and discover the beautiful Chebonet Falls

rainbow at the chebonet waterfalls hike
hike chebonet falls
beautiful chebonet falls hiking
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